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Hassle-free returns 30-day postage paid returns
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Delivery and Shipping

Introduction to the importance and purpose of freight policy.

International Shipping Guide

Introduction to the importance and purpose of freight policy.

At LuckVapes.com, we understand that shipping policies are critical to providing a transparent, efficient online shopping experience. Our goal is to ensure that every customer has a clear understanding of the expected shipping costs and distribution process when purchasing one of our e-cigarette products.


Our shipping policy is designed to:

Transparency: Provide clear shipping calculations and costs so that customers are aware of all associated costs before placing an order.

Flexibility: Multiple shipping options are available to meet customers with varying budget and time needs.

Fairness: Ensure that freight rates are calculated fairly and reflect actual logistics costs, including handling, packaging and transportation costs.

Global Service: Adapts to the needs of different countries and regions, provides international shipping services, and clearly explains additional charges and policies that may apply.

We are committed to continuously optimizing our logistics cooperation and processes to bring you the best delivery service and the most reasonable freight rates. If you have any questions or need more information, our customer service team is ready to help.


Country/Region Classification:

Germany company ETA 0-2/kg 2.01-10 kg
DHL 2-3 working days 4.60 € 5.84 €


France Company ETA 0-1kg 1-3kg
GLS 2 working days excluding islands and remote areas 7.03 € 7.63 €
Corsica, France DPD 1-3 working 32.00 €


The United Kingdom Company ETA 0-2 kg 2-15 kg
Hermes/ Evri NEXT DAY 4.85 € 6.25 €
Scottish highlands, other remote areas Hermes/ Evri 3-5 days 12.60 €



Europe other countries

Country Company ETA 0-2kg 2.01-5kg
Denmark Standard International 2-8working days 8.55 € 8.97 €
Bulgaria Standard International 2-8working days 24.98 € 30.15 €
Croatia Standard International 2-8working days 16.69 € 19.77 €
Liechtenstein GLS international parcel 5-7 working days 10.07 € 10.89 €
Hungary Standard International 2-8working days 14.05 € 15.76 €
Luxembourg Standard International 2-8working days 8.12 € 8.82 €
San Marino GLS international parcel 5-7 working days 13.67 € 15.10 €
Austria Standard International 2-8working days 8.80 € 8.80 €
Italy Standard International 2-8working days 12.71 € 12.71 €
Latvia Standard International 2-8working days 16.86 € 18.83 €
Czech Republic Standard International 2-8working days 9.31 € 9.51 €
Monaco GLS international parcel 5-7 working days 12.00 € 12.46 €
Slovakia Standard International 2-8working days 15.27 € 19.40 €
Slovenia Standard International 2-8working days 16.50 € 16.94 €
Vatican City GLS international parcel 5-7 working days 14.86 € 16.64 €
Belgium Standard International 2-8working days 8.12 € 8.46 €
Poland Standard International 2-8working days 10.72 € 11.28 €
Ireland Standard International 2-8working days 19.55 € 21.33 €
Estonia Standard International 2-8working days 18.37 € 20.22 €
Sweden Standard International 2-8working days 16.85 € 17.50 €
Romania Standard International 2-8working days 19.77 € 21.80 €
Lithuania Standard International 2-8working days 16.54 € 17.73 €
Finland Standard International 2-8working days 19.99 € 21.87 €
Netherlands Standard International 2-8working days 8.12 € 8.46 €


Shipping from France:

Country Company ETA 0-1kg 1-2kg
Andorra FR-DPD 3-5 working days 17.52 € 18.83 €
Greece FR-DPD 3-6 working days 23.27 € 24.97 €
Spain FR-DPD 3-5 working days 12.61 € 13.00 €
Portugal FR-DPD 3-5 working days 12.61 € 13.00 €


– Answers to frequently asked questions about shipping and delivery.

How is freight calculated?

Freight fees depend on factors like cargo weight, transport distance, mode of transportation, shipping speed, seasonal influences, and logistics company policies. For accurate cost calculations, it’s best to consult directly with us.


Can I track my order?

To track your express order, follow these steps:

Get Tracking Number: Find it in your order confirmation.

Visit Logistics Website: Go to their site.

Enter Tracking Number: Input and click “Inquiry.”

Check Status: View current order details.

Use Mobile App: Download, log in, and track.

Contact Customer Service: For issues, use the tracking number.


Does the freight include customs duty and import duty?

Shipping charges include duties and taxes.


Can I choose a courier service? Will there be a change in shipping charges?

We will select the fastest and most affordable courier for you.


Can I get free shipping if my order is over a certain amount?

Free shipping is currently available on our website, including Germany, France and the UK for purchases of €29.99 or more.


How long does it take to process an order?

The order is processed on the same day and delivered the next day.


How long is the estimated delivery time?

At present, Germany, France, the United Kingdom regions have 1-3 days of delivery according to different courier rates.


What if I’m not at home?

If away, notify the courier in advance, reschedule online, specify delivery time, or provide an alternative address. Use pick-up services, smart delivery boxes, or leave a power of attorney for someone else to sign on your behalf.


Can I change my shipping address?

Contact customer service to change address, log in to edit online account, and inquire about courier’s address redirection options.


What if my package is damaged or lost?

If the courier’s outer packaging is damaged, refuse to sign. For damaged or lost packages, contact the carrier with the tracking number,inform the sender, file a claim, check insurance, and review credit card protection.



Does my country / region support delivery?

Specific delivery areas can be found in our shipping areas.

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How do I handle freight in remote areas?

Specific delivery areas can be found in our shipping areas.

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Can I send my order to multiple addresses?

Yes, but you are responsible for the shipping costs.



– Prompt possible changes in shipping costs and influencing factors.

Please note that the shipping cost estimates provided on this website are for reference only, and the actual shipping cost may vary due to the following reasons: Weight and Volume: The final shipping cost for orders will be based on the actual weight and volume of the package, which may differ from the initial estimate. Destination Changes: Orders shipped to remote areas or non-major cities may incur additional charges.

Logistics Service Providers: Shipping costs may be influenced by price changes from the logistics service providers we choose.

International Delivery: International shipping may involve additional customs duties, taxes, and other customs-related fees, which are the responsibility of the recipient, not the website.

Force Majeure: The company is not responsible for delays or additional costs in shipping caused by force majeure factors such as natural disasters, political unrest, strikes, etc.

Order Modifications: Any changes to order information, such as the delivery address, may result in changes to the shipping cost.

Policy Changes: Shipping costs and delivery policies may change based on updates from logistics partners or company decisions, without separate notification. We are committed to providing accurate shipping information and efficient delivery services. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact our customer service team.